The proximity of the sea, the beauty of nature
Rovinj is a small town in Croatia, on the west coast of Istria, at 45̊ 01′ latitude and 13̊ 38′ longitude east of Greenwich. It is one of nine cities in the County of Istria that covers almost the entire Istrian peninsula and has an area of 2,815.09 km² or 5% of the Republic of Croatia.
According to the 1991 census, the County of Istria has 204,346 inhabitants in 71,185 households, the population density is 73 inhabitants/km² and the average number of family members is 2.87. Of the population cited, 158,726 inhabitants are Catholic.
The county centre is Pazin, while the largest city of Istria is Pula as a tourist, cultural and economic centre.
Agriculture along with fishing meets all County needs, and tourism is the main economic activity with 205,000 tourist beds, which makes up 28% of Croatia’s offer. Istria is amazingly beautiful. We find beauty in the splendour of prehistoric hill forts, ancient monuments, medieval towns, landscapes, the sea, people, villages and towns. Rovinj, a beautiful town, the pearl of the Istrian peninsula, with its turbulent history and beautiful present. The old part of the settlement lies on the peninsula, and the city is first mentioned under the name Ruigno, Ruvigno, Ruginio in the Cosmography of the Unknown Ravennese which gives us a display of Istria in IV and V century. According to the 1991 census, the city of Rovinj has 12,910 inhabitants, of which 1,761 are members of the Italian national community.
The climate is Mediterranean. The average temperature in January is 4.8 ̊C and in July 22.3 ̊C. The average annual temperature is 16 ̊C. The sea temperature is above 20 ̊C from mid-June to mid-September. The average annual sea temperature is 16.6 ̊C.
The average sunshine, expressed in hours, is 2,393.3 hours. From mid-May to mid-September, the sun shines daily for more than 10 hours.
The annual rainfall is 940 mm and the annual average humidity is 72%. The vegetation is subtropical. The town of Rovinj borders with the municipalities of Bale, Kanfanar, Sv. Lovreč and Vrsar.
There are 22 islands in the Rovinj Archipelago, of which, Sv. Andrija and Sv. Katarina are the greatest and most beautiful. Especially valuable and protected nature objects, special reserves in the area of Rovinj are: islands and coastal areas from the islets of Sv. John to the Two Sisters, the sea and the seabed of the Lim bay and part of the Lim valley, the ‘’Punta Corrente’’ Forest Park, the Palud Swamp, the Romuald Cave on the south side of the Lim bay and the ‘’Cave di Monfiorenzo’’ Quarry which is a kind of geological “nature monument”.